HTML learning course is for both intermediary and advanced learners. It offers a fast introduction to CSS3, JavaScript and HTML5, and also aids students learn basic programming proficiency. We focus on using javascript, CSS3/HTML5 to execute programming logic, identify and exercise variables, carry out looping and branching, build up user interfaces, capture and authenticate user input, keep data, and build logical applications. In this course, you will begin with fundamental HTML tags. Students will get the knowledge on creating HTML websites and applying CSS in their work before getting their hands on HTML5.

  • What Is HTML?
  • Record of HTML5
  • Future Of HTML5
  • Browser Help
  • Features introduction
  • Refined Degradation
  • Developer Tools in HTML
  • Page Encoding
  • Updated Elements
  • Markup
  • Elements And Attributes
  • The Necessity Of Offline Mode
  • The application Cache Procedures
  • Markup
  • Deployments And Updates