IOS is an operating system that runs on iPhone and a division of Mac OS. It has Power VR hardware and core animation software elements. The best aspect of this operating system is that it takes just half gigabyte. In an i-phone, several facilities such as call merger, call holding, audio conferencing, caller ID are well organized. Song libraries in i-Phone segregate songs according to videos, albums, and artists. Graphical catalog of existing applications is accessible on screen. The multitasking concept was introduced by i-Phone 4. Later, IOS 7 upgraded it by running several apps in the background. The latest version of i-Phone allows users to record GPS data, get a notification and listen to music at the same time. One can easily access to active widgets by customizing their home screen.

AOP’s training course put emphasis on building concept by lab research and practical approach. Instructors train students on various topics such as IOS development, Xcode, and Objective-c. Effective guidance over coding will aid people to face all kinds of interviews with major companies. Qualified and highly professional developers from some of the top companies have planned and designed this training program keeping in mind the compulsory characteristics of the subject.

  • Installing the SDK
  • Creating an easy IOS app
  • Knowledge about being a registered Apple Developer
  • Connecting with the IOS Developer plan
  • Applying the IOS Simulator
  • Using Xcode
  • Utilizing the Model-View-Controller pattern
  • Knowing life cycle of IOS application
  • Using Interface Builder
  • Model view controller
  • Building an Xcode Project
  • Declaring methods and instance variable
  • Application lifecycle
  • Setting Target and action
  • Making Connections to UIViews
  • Deploying an application
  • Summary
  • Objects and data type
  • Instance
  • Creating and destroying an instance
  • Sending message
  • Collection