Java is a strong OOP language used to develop various kinds of applications. People who are pursuing a Java course have lots of career choices. Java in six weeks from AOP is a swift fire program that contains each essential concept of Java. This training program would offer an insight on the usage of different technologies in J2EE and Struts framework to ease the development in huge scale projects. You will learn the method of leveraging Java in the existing condition and also its potential applications. Our course is designed in line with the program used in colleges.

  • Importance of JAVA
  • Java on LINUX platform
  • Java Virtual machine Architecture
  • Class loading process by class loaders
  • Role of Just In time complier (JIT)
  • Execution Engine

Java J2EE

Java is a major language that helps to develop a wide range of applications. It runs on desktops, servers, browsers, and mobile devices. People looking forward to learn Java have a good career opportunities in the field of web development and application programming. JAVA J2EE course at our training programs begins with the fundamental and covers each essential aspect. This course will help students to use different technologies in J2EE, build desktop applications, apply Struts and Servlets to construct complex networks easily. Our Java J2EE course will make a student job ready, theoretically and practically strong in each language via practical approach.

  • Working with maps and comparators
  • The Collection classes and interfaces
  • The Collection Algorithms
  • Accessing a Collection via an Iterator
  • Date and Time management
  • Property file use
  • Identify the setting
  • ResourceBundle
  • Fetching Text from ResourceBundle
  • RMI Architecture
  • Execution
  • Distributed application
  • Call-Back method
  • Class basics
  • nowledge of static initializer
  • Commands line arguments
  • Object declaration
  • Instance variable Hiding
  • Overriding and overloading of procedures
  • Knowledge of Access Controls (Secured, private and public)
  • Dynamic process dispatching
  • Garbage collection