Magento is a common e-commerce web application that handles the data storing. It’s used for business purpose where a programmer can change the coding according to the need. It’s an open source allowing users to apply as per their requirement. Magento is helpful for the organizations that deal with commercial division. This application uses different kinds of models such as EAV to save and handle the whole data. Magento training course at AOP is intended to help people in the live business projects. The course helps a student to work in the top shopping firms.

  • System design
  • Installing, advancement, and organizing for development
  • Necessary module creation and execution
  • Fully-featured component development with management panels
  • Importing and exporting data
  • Magento core API
  • Installing/Upgrading and setting it up for development

  • Manual
  • Types of installation
  • Magento Architecture
  • Installing and upgrading
  • Base directory
  • Structural blocks and content blocks
  • The template system design
  • Hierarchical file processing
  • XML layout files
  • Creating the folder design of a module
  • Modules Allocation between directories
  • Using the system itself
  • Files and database backup
  • Manually
  • Using PHP My Admin