Tips to Handle Medical Practice in the Recent ICD-10 World Medical Billing, Medical Coding

Tips to Handle Medical Practice in the Recent ICD-10 World


A successful and efficient medical practice depends on its coders; thus, you must ensure that all your coders have attained updated training for recent changes in the market. Knowledge and proper training make a coder more efficient, thus you will face fewer claim rejections and eventually it leads to great revenue and profit for your medical practice. The best thing is that it will provide better services and care to patients. There are many companies that don’t ask their medical coder and billers to go through training, as it can help them to save money by providing minimal salary to the staff but it highly affects the practice. To make sure your medical coding experts have proper training, you should think about below options:

Basic Level Training and Certifications

The entry-level certifications help coders to get basic medical coding training and knowledge about major credentials including CPC-A and CCA. You should remember that the CCA credential demonstrates just a basic aspect of the coding concept. However, CPC-A presents a more detailed and advanced coding theory, this credential is generally associated with a higher-paying salary.

Advanced Certifications

Advanced medical coding course and certification offers students a higher level of understanding about the best coding practices today. COC and CPC exam training also develop their knowledge and training on the coding system. In several companies, the basic standard needs minimum three years of work experience as a coding professional before receiving any credentials. Just like any other job and profession, medical coding experts are influenced by their years of practical experience.

A formal training allows your coders to know about a range of different topics and practices that include:

  1. Government programs
  2. Managed care and concerns
  3. Billing management
  4. Health insurance
  5. Government programs
  6. Healthcare documentation
  7. Electronic data transmission and modifiers
  8. Insurance claim forms

There is a time duration for all types of credentials that coders want to earn. It includes:

  1. 6-9-month program is intended for lower – level credentials
  2. 12-24 months training along with 3 years of experience is required to avail advanced certifications.

Though, in today’s competitive market, aspiring medical coding experts already gain proper training and knowledge of coding before entering into the industry, in case the coding staff of your medical practice is not yet updated on latest ICD-10 transition, you should get them ready through a training program. ICD-10 directs that medical codes are more specific and descriptive to their diagnoses and treatment, it makes improvement in correct diagnosis. It will help you to provide quality healthcare services.

When your medical practices start getting better, there will be great advancements seen in medical operations in your company. Procedures such as diagnosis, offered treatment and services will be more improved and also help you to develop your services. As you take care of major services of providing treatment to your patients, the coding and billing staff can focus on generating correct coding.