Non-Physician Jobs in The Healthcare Industry Medical Billing, Medical Coding, Medical Coding Job

Non-Physician Jobs in The Healthcare Industry


Healthcare industry is not just about doctors and physicians, but it’s a lot more. If you’re looking forward to getting a high-paying non-physician job, you will get numerous options to proceed further. We are presenting details about the four most popular jobs in the medical industry other than doctor’s career. Today, the healthcare field is filled with a massive number of job vacancies, and the best thing is all these jobs are high-paying. You can get enrolled in these courses to get a great job opportunity ahead.

Medical coding expert

This job is about changing the medical procedure, diagnosis, equipment, and services into universal alphanumeric codes. The process and diagnoses codes are collected from healthcare record files like the laboratory and radiologic outcome and transcription of doctor’s notes. This job pays very well.  Thus if you’re looking for an excellent job with high salary,  get enrolled in a Medical Coding and Billing Training program today. Make sure the teachers and mentors in your selected training center are members of AAPC and AHIMA, and they have attained all necessary certifications in medical coding, billing, and credentialing.

Medical Scribing

A Medical Scribing professional is mainly a personal assistant to the doctor who carries out documentation work in the EHRS or Electronic Health Record system, collecting details for the patient’s medical visit and consultation and associating with the doctor to give the high-quality patient care and treatment using the great method of electronic payment processing.

Medical Transcription

The process of medical transcription is also known as MT. This allied medical profession deals with the transcription procedure in the conversion of voice-recorded medical details as described by doctors and other physicians into text format.

Medical Billing

Medical biller converts a medical report and service into a billing claim. The job of a medical billing expert in the healthcare industry is to proceed the claim to make sure the practice gets reimbursement for the services. A knowledgeable and highly professional medical billing expert can optimize revenue performance for the medical services and practice.

All the jobs as mentioned above are high paying career opportunities where you will find lots of growth chances as well. Thus if you are interested in joining the healthcare industry as a professional, you should consider joining AOP Training Institute. AOP has been a renowned center for offering medical coding and billing training at affordable fees