PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor, a programming language used for web development. At first, it was used to execute small tasks related to the web server, but later it emerged as the server side scripting tool. Knowledge of PHP allows to create web applications effectively. You need to understand the advanced features of PHP and PHP++. Learning PHP and its latest versions is very simple and provides great benefits. AOP offers extensive training classes for all aspirants. This course is quite affordable and valuable to get expert. Thoroughly classes with live display to students actually assist them to obtain the genuine experience of managing the projects. Our team of experts has extensive knowledge to make your dreams come true.

  • Creating web pages animatedly using PHP
  • Applying command line arguments from PHP scripts
  • Customizing web site content using cookies and session
  • Recovering web pages, operating from data
  • Tracking user navigation on your Web site
  • File management with PHP script
  • General idea of PHP Platform
  • Web Architecture
  • PHP origin in the open source area
  • Need of PHP and its strengths
  • PHP's major challengers include PERL, JavaServer Page, Microsoft ASP.NET
  • Ease of use across on multiple platforms
  • PHP installation
  • PHP data types and delimiters
  • PHP Operators and Constants
  • Variable initialization with PHP
  • Introduction and construction of HTML
  • Values and Attributes
  • Header Tags and Comments
  • Image Tag, Marquee Tag and Link Tags
  • Table Tag, Form Tags and Audio, Video Tags
  • Storing data for later use in the file system
  • Opening and closing a file
  • Reading from file
  • Creating and removing a directory
  • Deleting a file