Salesforce is considered as one of the best CRM software for businesses because it gives everything required to boost the sales for a business. This application was designed to make companies function competently and beneficially by dropping the expenditure of handling hardware infrastructure. Salesforce provides a vast range of features that include tracking several marketing campaigns, managing, and analyzing all customer activity at single place. This training program is for administrators who want to enhance their skills and understanding about the efficiency of Salesforce in solving their issues in business growth.

AOP’s Salesforce training course provides newbies in programming with basic information to OOP or objects oriented programming using APEX (Salesforce Javalike programming language). In training, you will also study the fundamentals of building triggers and classes. This full practical training program is suggested for all administrators of Salesforce.

  • Field visibility management
  • Troubleshooting Record Access
  • How Territory Management has effects on the Sharing Model
  • Deploying modifications using change sets
  • Managing changes in a Sandbox
  • Deploying modifications using change sets
  • Managing changes in a Sandbox
  • Learn to use apps from the AppExchange
  • Creating custom objects, apps, and tabs
  • Building contact between objects
  • Creating workflow rules and formulas
  • Business procedures
  • Troubleshooting the issues related to business process execution
  • Knowledge to use Programmatic Means
  • Functioning with the Partner WSDL
  • Testing and debugging
  • Advanced API Techniques
  • Retrieving Data SOQL, sObjects and SOSL