Wordpress is the fastest growing CMS application in the world. It has numerous features such as best user interface, simple themes, better performance, easy plugin development and a lot more. Wordpress is mainly designed for blog websites, today a number of people are using WordPress' CMS features to build and control a regular website. It’s simple to install, easy to apply common features and easy to manage.

AOP provides professional WordPress training at affordable fees. Our WordPress program is intended with advanced and outstanding level instruction based on live assignment.

  • Comparison with other CMS applications such as Magento, Joomla, and Drupal
  • WordPress Features
  • WordPress 4 installation
  • Model of Post Type And Taxonomy
  • Permalinks for WordPress clean URL
  • Introduction of Themes file
  • Shortcode
  • Making a custom widget area
  • Page Template and tags
  • Widget area themes
  • Creating theme folders
  • Arranging HTML template
  • Creating PHP, single and index file
  • Basics of WordPress database tables
  • Designing Custom Post Type 'products'
  • Designing Taxonomy product category page
  • Applying WP Loops to demonstrate newest products
  • Upload pictures WordPress way
  • Applying WordPress database connection object
  • Designing add page to include data on custom table
  • Forming list page to show records from latest database table